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MAXTAP is a program for academically gifted and talented students in grades seven and eight.  Through an awareness of different learning styles and an emphasis on creative problem solving, divergent thinking and higher order thinking skills, MAXTAP provides for the special needs of these students as a daily elective.  Experiences are provided which help in decision making, conflict resolution, values clarification, teamwork, and awareness of self and others.

MAXTAP units provide the opportunity for in-depth study with an emphasis on the process of research and development.  Utilizing traditional approaches in combination with the creative arts and technology, students become active participants in their own learning process.  Students have choices in their specific areas of study and the  in the selection of the products which will be the outcome of their study.  They work in small and large groups, as well as develop individual projects and products.

The evaluation process in ongoing and focuses on students' growth toward MAXTAP goals.  Students and teach join to evaluate projects and products independently and collaboratively through individual student/teacher conferences, group discussions, and written evaluation.  For each topic of study, specific criteria and rubrics are developed which both teacher and students use to help determine the level of excellence achieved.

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