Project Adventure - Goals

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  1. Provide participants with a forum to discover and develop systems in:

    a. Problem Solving
    b. Decision Making
    c. Communications
    d. Team Building
    e. Goal Setting
  2. Use the experiential theory of education in all workshops.
  3. Provide free workshops to non-profit organizations that are financially unable to pay for a challenge course experience.
  4. Run the course using the latest in safety equipment, training and proper techniques.
  5. Run programs using a noncompetitive, challenge by choice philosophy
  6. Give participants experiences that will provide them with an opportunity to increase self-esteem, self-reliance, and concern for others.
  7. Provide workshops targeted to specific population, and or social issues.
  8. Provide continuous and up to date staff development to all facilitators.
  9. Develop and use an evaluation tool to measure the outcomes of the goals and objectives.
  10. Expand the use of the course so it is available to all students and community members.
  11. Conduct all programs with care and concern for the environment.
  12. Share our learning with other agencies and schools, through workshops, articles, staff training, tours, and community service projects.